U.L.F. Publishers Entertainment Group Announcement from Tokyo Office/Ginza, Japan: November 2017 “Lenda de 5~D” (the book) is SOLD-OUT! ; ….all but 3 copies of our inaugural launch 1st Edition/Signed-hardcover titled “Lenda de 5~D”—are now officially in stay mode. Two remaining copies of the book have been archived and reserved for historical purposes—one of which is to be awarded a subscriber of our online account—via raffle at the end of this year—e.g. 2017. We are now
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Announcement from the new management | Enterprises team for U.L.F. Publishers Entertainment Group: We have altered the title of our inaugural release—’Lenda de 5~D’―in preparation for its imminent 2nd printing release. The title of the book has been altered to __ Lenda de 5~D A Journey of Mystery, Love, and Hope This Standard Hardback 2nd printing of the book is available March 2018. Pre-Order  More Info
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