KFC, one of the most famous fast food chains on earth, are preparing to fry a brand new set on their menus in the UK – and this time it’s vegan!   As the Brits enroll in a completely new diet without animal products, Fast Food chains like Pizza Hut and McDonald’s buckle up for “brand-new” customers in the United Kingdom. Now KFC decided to jump on the wagon for a little stroll down
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  Upon transferring the stock from S.E.T.I Publishers warehouse to the U.L.F. Publishers Entertainment Group warehouse, our inventory and accountings staff have determined that we have over-sold the standard paperback 2nd edition of “Lenda de 5~D”, by J. Cyriis, after mailing out copies of the book to all our pre-order customers. Therefore, we are sold out of the standard paperback 2nd edition of “Lenda de 5~D”. As a result of this discovery, we have scheduled
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Introduction Organic Gardening refers to growing vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and seeds, using only natural means – no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides or other poisonous chemicals or fertilizers are used in the process of growing foods organically. Instead of using hazardous chemicals or fertilizers, the soil is tilled and prepared using gathered mulch, composted manure, or food and leaf remains. Furthermore, the plants are sprouted and grown with the aid of the sun, water, minerals
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Remember ‘Oumuamua? The reticent cigar-shaped asteroid discovered by Hawaiian scientists that’s now rumored to be a flying saucer? As of recent, many have been questioning whether or not ‘Oumuamua is really an asteroid.  The real question is: Where is it now? Astronomers in the outback region of Western Australia used the Murchison Widefield Array telescope to eavesdrop on the Solar System’s newly-discovered visitor. According to a new study, no cigar was ever discovered. ‘We found
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There are many countries in our generation that have been aware of the pain and suffering animals go through in factories. Yet Canada—especially British Columbia—is far unlikely to be a place filled with vegans, compared to the United Kingdom (see why here). But, it is. And according to a recent study—which is claimed to be among the first of its kind—younger Canadians are far more likely to be Vegetarians or Vegans than older generations. The
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