Well, sooner or later, they would’ve captured it—a photograph of a planet being born. And now, sooner than expected, astronomers did. Unbelievable, isn’t it—how a planet could form entirely out of nothing, in space? Astronomers captured the very first image of a planet forming in the dust, swirling around a young star. On Monday, July 2, scientists stated that the planet appears as a “bright spot in the snapshot”—which was taken using the “European Southern
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Longest Lunar Eclipse Will Be Taking Part On July 26...As a Blood Moon
If things couldn’t get any worse. The longest lunar eclipse of the century will take part on July 27, lasting almost two-hours. Furthermore, the Eclipse will rise upon the distant skies and be visible to those living in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia, as a Blood Moon. However, the bazaar Blood Moon won’t be of sight to those living in North America—in places such as Canada and the United States. Stargazers, moreover, who
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Jupiter, Juno Spacecraft, Vincent Van Gogh
Jupiter is back yet again, showcasing what its surface has in store artistically, making it look as if it’s a piece of art. So far, Jupiter is the most photographed planet in our solar system, even more than the Earth itself (which is often taken by astronauts aboard the ISS.) All of the photos are taken by NASA’s Juno spacecraft, and later uploaded on social media and their official blog. Over the time Jupiter has
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30 Years Later: When Global Warming First Headlined News Around the World
Sometimes, it feels as if the eighties were only ten-years ago; where the music was alive and the fashion was bolder than that of today’s cat walks. But of deeper, darker parts of the eighties that made the decade shrivel in fear and curiosity made the eighties sort of like a love-hate relationship between two friends. There was the Space Shuttle Challenger, which exploded shortly after lift-off. There was the murder of singer, songwriter, former Beatle John
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Goal! But for who? For the UFO sighting seen by many recently. As the 2018 Russia World Cup kicked off—filled with anger, celebration, and sorrow—many were surprised as to not come upon a UFO flying across the sky. But then time passed by, and something came along… 1616
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