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S.E.T.I Publishers Company Updates

Expansion Announcements


S.E.T.I Publishers Ltd in collaboration with our new management team (Enterprises), are proud to announce the inauguration of our Ginza (Tokyo) office: There approaches various changes being implemented__as we manually escalate toward the New Year 2018. Such expansions include simoultaneous preparations that to inaugurate our international offices New Year’s eve celebrations. Our company grandoise celebration is rightfully awarded our Sydney & Melbourne—Australia offices—which have been awarded the “2018 New Years Eve Headquarters”—due to Sydney’s world renown new years eve celebration “fireworks display.” Simultaneous celebrations are in preparation for the launch of our alternate international offices—which are to include decorative business expansions whose construction is scheduled for early 2018. We are expending our offices to the following locations: Hong Kong, Singapore, Amsterdam (NL), Paris (FR), Rome (IT), and Vancouver (BC), just to name a few. International office addresses and contact numbers, will be posted in our directory—which will appear on this site during the Spring of 2018. Anyone interested in our products, business affiliations, writers who wish to submit a transcript for possible publication, and enthusiasts—who would like to pay us a personal visit at a specific location—are very welcome—with prior written consent after submitting a formal written request—which will be responded to by our formal written acceptance invitation via email contact. Do Visit us, join the staff for some Organic Coffee—Herbal Tea, and/or a scheduled staff and authors’ ‘vegan lunch’. We look forward to meeting you…the pleasure is ours.

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