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It’s a Boy! Astronomers Capture First Ever Image of an Exo-Planet Being Born


Well, sooner or later, they would’ve captured it—a photograph of a planet being born. And now, sooner than expected, astronomers did.

Unbelievable, isn’t it—how a planet could form entirely out of nothing, in space?

Astronomers captured the very first image of a planet forming in the dust, swirling around a young star. On Monday, July 2, scientists stated that the planet appears as a “bright spot in the snapshot”—which was taken using the “European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope” located in Chile. Moreover, Miriam Keppler (Max Planck Institute for Astronomy—Germany) said that hints of baby planets have been detected before, but yet astronomers weren’t really sure whether their observations were “features in the swirling dust.”
“Planets are born in circumstellar disks.” Keppler stated. “These disks are made out of gas and dust and surround young stars until a lifetime of about 10 million years. The exciting fact of our discovery is that we have here an exceptionally robust detection of a young planet, still embedded in such a disk.
The measurement of the spectrum gives us insights on how planetary atmospheres look at a very early stage of life. This is very important in order to calibrate theoretical models that predict the properties of planets as they evolve.”

According to a paper published in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics, scientists describe the planet as a gas giant bigger than Jupiter, located about 1.86 Billion miles from the star PDS-70. The astronomers say in the journal that the baby planet has a “cloudy atmosphere.” They also stated that the new planet has a surface temperature of about 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit.

Furthermore, lest the most important part as to the scientists’ study, is that the “sphere”—seen in the photograph above—blocks out the light from the star. This allows the researchers to observe the much-dimmer dust disk and planet at several different wavelengths. The old and new data show the distinct presence of a planet, thus leaving a gap behind it—followed by a trail.


Written by KFC, author of The 11th Syzygy, on 7/3/18.

Aliens Routing for England in the World Cup? UFO Sighting Baffles Many As Mysterious Sting-Ray-Shaped Light Flies Across the Russian Sky

U.L.F. Publishers Ent. Group Breaking News: UFO Lands in Northern Japan

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a comet! It’s a meteorite! I think not; neither comets nor meteorites emit a green, red, white and orange glow. On Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 at 9:29:31pm, an alleged meteorite burned out as it entered earth’s atmosphere as seen only from Northern Japan. In the video (can be viewed below), four lights emitted from the orb as it descended into the hills in rural Japan. The orb disappeared into the horizon as it apparently descended not too far from the area where surveillance cameras and viewers witnessed its descension. As the luminous object descended and perhaps landed, a sudden one-second silent bang flashed over the entire horizon—glimmering an intense green and orange glow filling the skies with its brilliant Light—which projected its luminescence over every body of water in the region as well. As of this time, neither U.L.F. Publishers Ent. Group, nor the press have any details as to the whereabouts of this UFO. However, we will update this article as soon as we receive more information. The colors projecting from the UFO as it descended to a location in Northern Japan were: Green, White, Red and Orange. As we are updated and briefed by local witnesses, and other personnel—e.g. those who captured the footage of this Phenomena on camera and/or cell phone devices—we will update this article as to all details provided us surrounding this magnificent phenomena.