U.L.F. Publishers Announcement from Tokyo Office/Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

U.L.F. Publishers Entertainment Group Announcement from Tokyo Office/Ginza, Japan: November 2017

“Lenda de 5~D” (the book) is SOLD-OUT! ;

….all but 3 copies of our inaugural launch 1st Edition/Signed-hardcover titled “Lenda de 5~D”—are now
officially in stay mode. Two remaining copies of the book have been archived and reserved for historical
purposes—one of which is to be awarded a subscriber of our online account—via raffle at the end of this
year—e.g. 2017.

We are now in the process of motioning the steps to forwarding the printers our 1st Edition/hardcover and
paperback Standard versions. We are accelerating toward their imminent launch, forecast by our
distributors to presence the stock of various International stores…by early 2018.

This page will be frequently updated as to all further details regarding the 2018 launch of “Lenda de 5~D”
1st/Edition (Standard) hardcover and paperback—as well as our other products.

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