U.L.F. (Universal Life Force) Insignia T-Shirt (for Women)


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The U.L.F Insignia is brought to us from a green Planet located in another galaxy as received by Lydia Stalnaker in 1973 during a UFO contact. Later, Lydia endorsed the insignia onto J. Cyriis for the purposes of projecting its positive healing energies. The beings Lydia encountered during the UFO experience—explained that the insignia—represents—the “Universal Light Force” e.g. the most miraculous healing life Force energy in all the universe. Upon coming into close proximity of the Insignia, including when worn on a T-Shirt, close to one’s body, the Insignia’s healing properties are released & distributed throughout the body manifesting as healing energies—which transmit into the immediate atmosphere—its properties of divine peace, and positive universal healing energies—resulting in the well-being of the individual.

Further details as to the history of the U.L.F Insignia are extrapolated upon in Lenda de 5~D by J. Cyriis—U.L.F. Publishers Entertainment Group inaugural Launch—Book 1.