Passage to 5~D (Issue #3)


Format(s): Print version (in the near future, we plan on launching a digital version)

Size(s): Standard Magazine Size
Release Date: Forthcoming 2019

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Is there a secret base on the moon?

Who are paranormals, and what are they?

All of this and more in Passage to 5D (Issue #3), featuring various articles focusing on subjects of interests ranging from Astronomy/Cosmology; UFO Contact; Psychokinetics; Horticulture & Organic Gardening; Woman’s Health & well-being; Health and Fitness; and Veganism. Every issue will bring together various authors whose articles will focus on 1—or more—of the various subjects listed above. The 3rd issue includes an interview with author, vocalist J. Cyriis—one of the leading UFO enthusiasts arising from the world of the musical arts; as well as a definitve guide to veganism written by L. Yamazaki. Authors who wish to submit an essay or Short Story in one of the mentioned genres above (Short Story must be in the following Genres: Sci-Fi; Thriller; Romance; Non-Fiction; etc) for possible publishing on the periodical may do so via the ‘Manuscript Submission‘ form on this site.