Agent Steel – No Other Godz Before Me: Limited Edition Vinyl Signed by Johnny Cyriis




No Other Godz Before Me is the seventh studio album by veteran metal band Agent Steel. This limited edition vinyl release is signed and numbered—in gold ink—by Johnny Cyriis, founding member and vocalist of the band.



Side A:
1. Passage to Afron-V / 2. Crypts of Galactic Damnation / 3. No Other Godz / 4. Trespassers / 5. The Devil’s Greatest Trick

Side B:
6. Sonata Cósmica / 7. Veterans of Disaster / 8. Carousel of Vagrant Souls / 9. The Incident / 10. Outer Space Connection / 11. Entrance to Afron-V


Note: This item is currently available for pre-order; it will be available on March 19th, 2021. If you pre-order this item now, it will be shipped shortly after the release date.