Cyriis Book 1 – LD5D details

Deluxe ver. Dimensions: Width of 16 centimeters, by 24 centimeters in length

First Edition Deluxe reprinting: 74 Deluxe re-published numbered copies individually signed by the author—one of which will include a current photo of the author

Subject Description: An empirical discourse into the world of a psychokinetic healer who unites soulmates by happenstance—forwarding their passage to direct contact with energies from an alternate dimension.

Pages: 255pp., with over 300 high-resolution color photographs of phenomena

Genre: Non-Fiction (Book)

Binding: Deluxe Bindings are bound in organically-generated cotton flowers/cloth, with guilt lettering to spine, again available as bound by this inaugural special first edition reprinting of 74 copies. Color frontispiece is 14 Karat Gold leaf-paste embossed cover of ULF Insignia. Dust jacket design by CyBaba (Artwork in hand-transmitted manifestation). Deluxe edition is privileged with 300 color photographs—never-before-seen—and/or exposed in any format, this including social media, and/or other online/media source.

Delux First Edition Reprint: One of 74 copies is re-published with a current photo of the author.